Building Websites

Online presence for your SMB

We deliver effective, turn-key, web-based solutions for small and medium-sized business. We build professional websites and applications for the specific needs of your organization, while our profits and activities help independent musicians and artists focus on their craft so the world can enjoy their art.

Supporting Musicians

We believe in independent artists

You need to focus on your craft. Who has the time or even skills to take care of things such as designing and printing flyers, building a website for your band, or manage your Instagram or Facebook page? Would you rather write a new song, have a rehearsal, or finally replace the strings on that Strat?

Uniting Volunteers

…and we are not the only ones

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers who want to donate their time, knowledge, or professional skills to our artists. We do it for the love of music and in the name of art… Sign up to volunteer today, and we will connect you with the band or an artist who can benefit from your generosity.

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