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Every now and then we like to share some nuggets of information from the world of the website design and development. Don’t worry – there will be no technical jargon overload. Just simple, effective tips and important info you may need in your day-to-day tasks of web presence.

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Recent Zero-day Vulnerability exploit of WP SMTP Plugin

Among all content management systems (CMS), WordPress is being used by a third of all websites. A WordPress zero-day vulnerability in any CMS have always been a concern. The most recent one affected a plugin called Easy WP SMTP. Easy WP SMTP Plugin allows WordPress-based site owners to send script-based emails through an SMTP server instead of a default wordpress sendmail protocol. Using SMTP potentially  prevents messages from being rejected by a recipient’s server or flagged as spam to be […]

What you need to know about Adobe Flash Player getting flushed

If your organization is using a website that relies on use of Adobe Flash player, you should start planning for an alternative solution, and here is why. In 2017, Adobe came out with an announcement to flush the Flash Player. The end of life of this once gold-standard for a browser-based multimedia player has been scheduled for the end of the year 2020. This announcement was preceded by an agreement made by technology moguls Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla. Since […]

How does Google’s mobile-first indexing process affect your website

As an website owner you are concerned about your online visibility and overall search presence. Google has long been a leader in search indexing.  Other search engines are not considered as powerful or as influential in the world of Internet as we know it, and Google is essentially the one your SEO strategy must be aligned with, first. For the last few years the company has implemented several significant changes to the algorithm that determines how mobile-friendly sites  rank in […]