As an website owner you are concerned about your online visibility and overall search presence. Google has long been a leader in search indexing.  Other search engines are not considered as powerful or as influential in the world of Internet as we know it, and Google is essentially the one your SEO strategy must be aligned with, first. For the last few years the company has implemented several significant changes to the algorithm that determines how mobile-friendly sites  rank in higher order. On March 26, 2016 Google began indexing mobile-friendly websites first, with everything else coming after.

How does the mobile-first approach work for your website?

Mobile-friendly websites – the ones that have version of the site optimized for different devices display – rank higher in Google search results than the sites not optimized for mobile devices. Since most users in the United States own a smartphone, the trend is shifting to using those devices a their primary medium for Internet access.

If you DON’T have a mobile-friendly website…

Google makes their search index more useful to the majority of users, so they will not de-list your site altogether. Google attempts to display the mobile version of your site first, assuming it is operational, yet it gives a priority to a properly functioning desktop site over a broken mobile site: depending on mobile optimization, or a lack thereof, it determines the rankings of your pages.
If your business is lacking in mobile presence, you need a not just a beautifully designed, but also SEO and mobile optimized website. You need a professional who can help make sure that design, and ever-evolving optimization considerations are always a a priority for your business online presence.
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