Jim Hayes Band

soul-charged rock and blues, with a touch of reggae


Art Factor Studio
Dina Daria Dadian
(201) 723-5818

Jim Hayes is inspired primarily by musical outlaws such as Jim Morrison, Bob Marley, R.L. Burnside, The Black Keys. There seems to be a mission in their music: kill conformity in the name of love and sanity. It’s all rooted in the raw heart of blues rock. Unrefined yet rich with melody, this band was formed in New Jersey, but it’s sound comes from the dark history of Mississippi – the birthplace of whiskey blues. This band is deeply devoted to keeping the original and sometimes radical spirit of blues and rock.

With Tom Parsells on the bass, Bill Van Goor  on drums, and Mike Nappi on guitar Jim Hayes is well supported by their gut-felt performance.




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